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Work on cruises……cruise ships jobs….has this been on your mind? Wait a minute….do you want to embark on a career sailing the seven seas? Look no further….you have landed on the most exclusive website offering YOU the opportunity to work on most amazing ships afloat.. www.workoncruises.com is the registered domain of ROHI Global Services. ROHI is a Hebrew name which means “Shepherd”. The philosophy behind the name is that we are passionate to provide opportunities to the most deserving candidate as well as maximise our efforts to ensure his/her professional growth within the company. That’s a TRUE “Shepherd”!! With ROHI and on-board the ships we provide our services, YOU will receive continuous training to sharpen your skills and given equal opportunities to grow. In exchange we seek your loyalty and hard work. Go ahead and fill in your details, complete your profile to assist us to open up the global opportunities awaiting you.

ROHI does not charge any fees for its services – its FREE! We provide equal opportunities to all candidates through a transparent process to select the best candidates for the job openings irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, political affiliations, religion, sex or social status.

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ATTAIN | TRAIN | RETAIN Our philosophy is simple, “Do unto others what you want them to do for you” ATTAIN – We bring in or hire the best talent available after a robust recruitment process. We search for talent all over the country and do not concentrate on a particular community or state. We provide easy to approach and accessible means to reach our recruitment team if you are interested. We are committed to respond and guide you in your application process. Our core team has worked on-board cruise ships and understand the respect and importance each applicant deserves. TRAIN – We consider training as the backbone of success. Investing in training the crew is our mantra to succeed and a logical step to advance the crew’s aspiration of promotion. We not only train you to become skilful in your job but also invest in shaping your soft skills. We offer training courses that can be taken at your convenience and flexibility. RETAIN – We not only Attain and Train our crew but firmly believe in retaining them at all cost. We believe in the saying “Train people well enough so that they can leave, TREAT them well enough so they don’t want to”. Being respectful, sensitive, showing love and compassion is our mission toward the people we hire/process.

Why Us?

You can be rest assured as an applicant that you have chosen the right company to further your career aspiration through us. We bring to you some of the most exclusive job opportunities onboard global cruise lines FREE of cost. We do not charge any recruitment fee. We work on very transparent systems and do not have any agents or middlemen. All candidates who apply for a job with us are screened by our recruitment team and only basis the merit of the applicant he/she is selected. Our systems are designed for you to be able to apply for a job sitting at the luxury of your home and interview with us online. If you are successful at the interview; you are not expected to visit our office. Our teams will process you at your doorstep thus giving you the easy as never before. Having our own STCW training institute and uniform manufacturing unit; we have the ability to ensure your processing is the quickest giving you the flexibility to choose your training dates as well.

We at “ Work On Cruises ” are committed to use expertise and technology to enhance and ease the crew experience before joining your dream Job, as well as helping you grow once you are on board.



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Career advice on cruises (800-1500 words)
  • Basic Advice for Crew While Workings on Cruise Ships
  • Tips of life style of a crew
  • Crew life on board
  • Applying on a cruise ships
Basic Advice for Crew While Workings on Cruise Ships - Have you ever wondered, how it would be like to work on a ship, Yes?? Well you are not alone in thinking that. Looking at these humongous ships many people might be thinking of working on it. Well, it’s not as it looks like. It’s one of the most exciting and filled with adventures job where you can meet new people from different countries. If you are an outgoing person and seeking adventure of a lifetime then working on a cruise ship is just the job that you have been looking for. Below the art galleries, restaurant, guest room there is another life and that’s “the life of the crew”. Being on sea there is small chance of encountering pirates; don’t get panicked because crew are not required to fight the pirates however they are trained for any possible such situation. Some people might think of having a sexual relation with the guest might work in their favor but honestly, it is the fastest way of getting fired. So if you love your job then be right and be true to your job. Crews are even allowed to go out when the ship is in port but if you happen to go out of the ship for a short sightseeing then make sure to come back before departure time because they will leave you behind, and that’s a rule which has to be followed by passengers and as well crews. It has to be followed because cruise line have to pay a fine if they overstay in port hence instead of paying the fine they would like to leave you behind so always make sure that you are on time.
Applying for a job on a cruise ship Getting the job on cruise ships is one of the hardest parts if you do not go through the right advice or suggestion. Most people who apply for cruise ship jobs rarely know the positions they want to join. Many end up saying something like “I want to work somewhere which is related with guests”. Gain information of the cruises before joining and that’s the most initial part. The most common thing that has been asked from people is “how much would I earn and how much do I save after the work period/contract is over?” well, it all depends on your position and the cruise line. That’s why research about the cruise line/company before joining. Every rank has its advantages and higher the rank more responsibility will follow. If you have experience in hospitality then it just might work in your favor as in cruise lines, hospitality is the core thing. There are various kind of positions available in every cruise line so be very clear which position would best fit your caliber. Some of the positions are like deck crew, casino staff, bedroom stewards etc.
Tips of life style of a crew- Lifestyle of a crew member can be very hectic sometime. The timings of the job drastically vary. Some might be working for 9-11 hours whereas some like bar staff end up working 12-15 hours. Your cabin/room has to be shared with another crew member and it comes with bunker bed. Security keeps a very close look on crew members all day and night and if you are caught in an act with the guest then you are released from your duties and kicked out of the ship on the next port and that’s the end of your adventure and exploration. In a cruise there are many nationalities you will be working and encountering but among them you might not find much Americans compare to other nationalities. Well there are reasons and one of them is Americans are high wage people and ships can’t afford high wage crew/staff compare to what they can get from other places. There are many crew members who have been sent home because they fall sick on regular basis and this happens without paying them. There have been incidents where females as well have been sent home without pay because they got pregnant on board.
Crew life on board- Tip represents 95% well over their salary for a crew member. A crew member has to be disciplined and flexible cause the management can change the shift anytime example- if you are working in bar in daytime, your manager might change it to night shift and you have to change your sleeping patterns immediately. Even the crew enjoys the taste of parties in cruises. Well the drinks that are served are cheaper than the ones sold on the deck for example if the drink on deck is for $10 then below the deck will be $2. Many people think that working on cruise is like roaming the world on expenses of the ship but honestly people who work especially the restaurant crew doesn’t even get time to explore because after their work hours they are so drained out that they would prefer to take a nap when they get a chance.
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